Update No. 33
Volume 5: Issue 1: January - March 2005

Issue 12 of the essential Wailers rootszine Distant Drums is available now, featuring the Kaya tour 1978, Island Records re-masters, Al Anderson and Junior Braithwaite interviews and all the usual news, reviews and listings.

Available from www.distantdrums.org or Ernie B in the US.

Wailers bass legend Aston Familyman Barrett has recorded a new album for Island King Records. The album Dub Obsession was recorded live at a beach concert on St. John, US Virgin Islands, and features Liston-Bernie on keyboards and vocals. The reggae musicians on island were eager to perform with this legendary figure and the crowd was more than enthusiastic. The performance was unadvertised so when word spread around town, there was a flurry of fans from all walks of life who came to see this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Familyman was so pleased with the impromptu session, that he requested a CD be manufactured, and the resulting disc is now available directly from Island King's website.

.1. Hooligan/I Shot The Sheriff (nb: Hooligan is the Dennis Brown classic, not the Wailers song)
.2. Running Away Dub
.3. Concrete Jungle Dub
.4. Keep on Moving Dub
.5. So Much Things to Say Dub
.6. Inna Me Yahd Dub
.7. Rude Dub
.8. Heathen / Bend Down Low Dub
.9. Lively Up Yourself Dub


Proud Galleries Camden presents a unique exhibition in celebration of what would have been the musical legend, Bob Marley’s, 60th Birthday.

The show is a collaboration by Dan Asher and Jeff Cathrow; photographers who were very close to Bob Marley through out his life, ensuring exclusive personal images. The Exhibition includes timeless performance shots; unseen images of the legend in private; even a series of images thought to have been tragically lost in a house fire and only recently rediscovered.

‘Tek a picture a ‘dis’ offers the public the chance to get that little closer to Marley, giving them the opportunity to view or buy classic shots and unseen photos.

Tek A Picture A’ Dis promises to provide an unparalleled insight into the life of the reggae phenomenon, through a series of exclusive images taken by Dan Asher, Kate Simon and Jeff Cathrow - three photographers who were close to Marley throughout his life. Combing their three completely unique archives, Tek A Picture A’ Dis reflects each of their individual relationships with Marley. Indeed taking as its title a sound bite from a conversation between Marley and Cathrow, this exhibition gives a clear and intimate insight into both the picture and voice of a legend whose music continues to inspire generations, young and old.

TEK A PICTURE A’ DIS • Proud Camden, 10 Greenland Street, London, NW1 0ND • Dates : 4th Feb – 8th April 2005

Timeless performance shots; unseen images of the legend in private; even a series of images thought to have been tragically destroyed in a house fire and only recently rediscovered make up this exceptional exhibition, curated especially to celebrate the birthday of the man that Eric Clapton refers to as ‘a great lyric writer, a musical genius and a great leader of men.’

Bob Marley – Reggae King of the World
Between 1975 – 1978 photographer Dan Asher captured some of Marley’s most groundbreaking performances – in New York during the late 1970’s, but also in Marley’s native homeland, Jamaica. At the time gang warfare was destroying the lives of many young Jamaicans. Provoked by this violent epidemic Marley instigated the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston, April 1978. Asher’s provocative shots capture the pure essence of Marley’s untouchable performance during this concert.

Soon after Asher had completed this body of work, Marley passed away. Before the photographer had the chance to develop the negatives in to original prints, he donated them to illustrate a book celebrating the life of the legend – Bob Marley – Reggae King of the World (Kingston Publishers, 1982). Tragically the negatives disappeared and for 20 years were thought to have been destroyed in a fire - until last year when they were discovered in an attic. As a result this incredible body of work has remained largely unseen, and prints available in this exhibition will be the first original fibre prints ever produced of these images.

Herb is the Healing of the Nation
As a dedicated follower of Reggae music and the vision behind the first ever ‘San Francisco Bay Area Reggae Hotline’ Jeff Cathrow was never far behind Marley. In June 1976 the photographer and journalist was granted his first ever interview. Rolling Stone magazine picked up a quote from the interview - ‘Herb is the healing of the nation’ - and before long Cathrow’s images and interviews were showing worldwide.

Cathrow continued to interview Marley on a regular basis during his time in San Francisco. They formed an immediate friendship, and Marley began to actively encourage Cathrow to photograph him, allowing him to capture some truly original moments - during a 1978 interview for example, Cathrow presented Marley with a gift of some home-grown sinsemilla buds, to which Marley replied “Ya grow some RAS herb, mon! Here, tek a picture a’ dis, mon! Tek a picture a’ dis!” The result is a highly unusual and evocative series of shots capturing Marley in his truest form. The majority of Cathrow’s intimate images have never previously been seen, and will be presented together for the fist time in this exhibition.

More Shaman than Showman
Photographer Kate Simon met Marley at an aftershow party in the Lyceum, London. The two became instant friends and she soon became integrated with Marley and his band, The Wailers, travelling extensively with the band documenting their meteoric rise to fame.

Through a series of highly personal images Simon was able to capture a real insight in to the life of the band – from Marley’s shamanic performances, to energy fuelled jamming sessions, and from the groups joyous devotion to Rastafarianism, to their religious dedication to marijuana. The single image that she considers to be her most important will be amongst the series of groundbreaking images that make up this unique and highly intimate exhibition.


Marcia Grifiths releases a new solo album on VP Records on March 29 2005.

Celebrating 40 years in the music business, Marcia's brand new collection Shining Time is proof positive that her talent sparkles just as brightly as it did all those years ago. The 18 song set is produced by Hopeton Lindo and Syl Gordon for Cell Block Productions, and Patrick Lyndsay for Zlink Entertainment, and features guest vocals from Annette Brisette (on the glorious Jah Daughter), Shaggy, Cutty Ranks, Hopeton Lindo and Bere Hammond (on Focusing Time)

Among the strong original compositions, there is alo a cover of Wings' My Love, prompted by an anecdote from Roger Steffans, and a solid cut of Marley's Crazy Baldhead in tribute to Bob.

Neatly packaged with liner notes from Steffans, full album lyrics and several intimate photos of Marcia over the years, Shining Time come highly recommended.

By Basil Walters, Observer staff reporter

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Performance poet/broadcaster Mutabaruka has lashed out against the Jamaican government for objecting to a plan to move the remains of reggae icon Bob Marley to Ethiopia, charging that the attempt to keep the singer's remains in Jamaica is part of a broader conspiracy to separate the 'King of reggae' from his Rastafarian beliefs.

"Over the past month or so, there has been a systematic attempt to divert Bob Marley from his Afro-centric/black experience and put him into a Jesus thing of One Love," the no-holds-barred Rastafarian said.

"Dem choose a part of the person and not the essence of the person which is Rastafari. Anybody who know Bob Marley would know that he is fundamentally a Rastaman. Bob Marley seh him is a Rastaman and him must goh ah Ethiopia," Mutabaruka asserted, making reference to the famous recorded interview the reggae superstar had with RJR veteran announcer Neville Willoughby.

Earlier this month, Bob Marley's widow, Rita Marley, spearheaded a US$1 million celebration of the singer's 60th birthday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which featured almost all the late singer's children and several other international artistes. Before those celebrations, Mrs Marley caught the ire of many Jamaicans when she announced in an interview with the Associated Press her intention to pursue removing Bob Marley's remains from a mausoleum in Nine Mile, St Ann, to Ethiopia, the spiritual home of Rastafarians. The Jamaican government has since announced that they will stop any such attempt by Mrs Marley.

Full article on www.jamaicaobserver.com

A large selection of photographs from the 60th birthday celebrations in Africa are now online at the fabulous reggaephotos website. Images and reviews are directly linked at:


Tying in with Bob Marley's 60th birthday anniversary, Island Records launched the latest compilation of his work on CD. The 34 track collection offers nothing new to the dedicated fan, but provides a good overview for the newcomer:

1. Stir It Up
2. Slave Driver
3. Concrete Jungle
4. Get Up, Stand Up
5. I Shot The Sheriff
6. Burnin' And Lootin'
7. Lively Up Yourself
8. Rebel Music (Three O'Clock Roadblock)
9. Trenchtown Rock
10. No Woman, No Cry
11. Jah Live
12. Positive Vibration
13. Roots, Rock, Reggae
14. Crazy Baldhead
15. Natural Mystic
16. Exodus
17. Jammin'
Disc: 2
1. One Love / People Get Ready
2. Waiting In Vain
3. Punky Reggae Party
4. Is This Love
5. Sun Is Shining
6. Satisfy My Soul
7. Kinky Reggae
8. Medley: War / No More Trouble
9. So Much Trouble In The World
10. Africa Unite
11. One Drop
12. Could You Be Loved
13. Coming In From The Cold
14. Redemption Song
15. Buffalo Soldier
16. Rastaman Live Up
17. Iron Lion Zion

Meanwhile rumours abound that the 1976 concert at the Roxy Theatre, LA is due for release later this year on DVD, while Ziggy Marley should be putting the finishing touches on a new album of unreleased Bob Marley material. Ziggy told Tom Sinclair of Entertainment Weekly that the acoustic recordings Bob made in the `70s would be overdubbed by guest musicians including Eric Clapton, and hopefully completed by the end of March 2005.

Finally, Trojan Records remember the Steppin Razor Peter Tosh on another compilation entitled Black Dignity - not to be confused with last years JAD release of the same name.

Peter Tosh & Friends : Black Dignity

Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Brand New Second Hand (Version 1)
Peter Tosh - Them A Fe A Beaten - Peter Tosh
Winston Wright & Larry Mcdonald - Reuben
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Stop The Train
Peter Tosh - Here Comes The Judge
Winston Wright - Revolution
The Destroyers - Ah So
The Destroyers - If Ah So
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Soon Come
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Memphis
Peter Tosh - Arise Black Man
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Four Hundred Years
Peter Tosh - Maga Dog
Peter Tosh & Winston Scotland - Skanky Dog
The New Generation - Boney Dog
Bunny Flip - Mangy Dog
Joe Gibbs & The Love Generation - Fat Dog
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Peter Tosh - Nobody's Business
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Down Presser
Rudies Medley
Can't You See
Peter Tosh - Black Dignity
Peter Tosh & U Roy - (Earth's) Rightful Ruler
Brand New Second Hand (Version 2)

Thanks: Gael Doyen, Julian Schmidt, Andrew Steinthal, Edmund Bing.
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