"Everybody thought that everything was Bob, they didn't realise that Familyman was the man that did all the arranging of the songs. He was the man that played most of the parts on the songs. And it was a team effort, Bob saw himself as a part of the team, not the leader of the team. In fact the leader of the band has always been Familyman, even in Bob's time. But it wasn't something that we went out and publicly said to anyone, so people always felt that Bob was everything and we were just a bunch of guys behind him. But he would just write the chords ans we would finish the songs for him." Junior Marvin, London 1989.

"It is man's duty to do what is righteousness, and that will elevate the body and the spirit. It is not my duty to put you in a religion, because this is not a religion -most people think it is- it's a way of life. It's not to wear dreadlocks that makes you a Rastaman. It's not to eat ital food alone that makes you a Rastaman. It's not to play reggae music that makes you a Rastaman. It's to live the divinity, and the divine principles before you can be a Rastman." Peter Tosh, Africa 1983.

An Italian journalist commented "You praise Haile Salassie, the king for you Jamaican's but I was told that he was a dictator and he killed students". To which Bob replied: "In Italy only the Mafia exist and all Italians eat is just pizza. Is this true? "No" the journalist replied and Bob said "This is what the newspapers write about you abroad. Do not believe everything you hear and read" Italy 1980

".Me have to laugh sometimes when dem scribes seh me like Mick Jagger or some superstar like that. Dem have to listen close to the music, 'cos the message not the same." Bob Marley, Rolling Stone, 1976

".Anything can happen in music, we only experiment. It's never wise to limit yourself. Them people think I should do the same thing this year as last! Maybe them people don't like it, but new people like it. You can't stay in one place" Bob Marley - 1974

"Government sometimes maybe not like what we have to say because we say it too....plain." Bob Marley - June, 1975

"Me don't want fight no guy with no guns. Me mustn't fight for my rights, my rights must come to me. You stand up for your right and don't give up the fight, but you don't fight for your right." Bob Marley - 1975

"I have a duty to tell the truth as I have been told it. I will keep on doing it until I am satisfied the people have the message that Rastafari is the almighty and all we black people have redemption just like anyone else. Not for money will I do anything man, but because I have something to do." Bob Marley - June, 1976

"Is God who make everybody, and him make a way for the black man that the white man have to follow, because out of the black man came the white man, all white men." Bob Marley - July,1978

"My greatest influence was the drifters - "Magic Moment", "Please Stay", those things. So I figured I should get a group together." Bob Marley - February, 1973

"They don't want fe trick you, them want fe trick your mind, that's the thing I don't like. You have eyes, you have ears, you can talk, you can smell and yet him want fe trick your mind. Is better somebody ask you for something and get it rather than try to trick me fe take it. I know who God is, so how can you trick me? I'm no fool." Bob Marley - 1980

When asked, do you fear anything? "Me? Nah. Well, me don't swim too tough so me don't go in the water too deep." Bob Marley - July, 1975

"We have a song called 'Jah Live'. Them on the news say that our God is dead. But, you know, is them don't understand. Them don't understand. We have a name, 'Crazy Baldheads', and we have one named 'Roots'. We're gonna chase those crazy baldheads outta town. That's about the system and the things what happen around here. Like, for instance, we build the cabin, we plant the corn, our people slave for this country. Now, you know what I mean, today they look upon me with a scorn. Yet, them eat up all our corn. So we have to chase those crazy baldheads outta town. Ain't nuthin' else we could do. We can't stand and let them bury us. Enough of that sheet! Because we plant the corn, yuh know. We build the cabin, we plant the corn and we build the country. Yet you have guys that look for Rastaman and say, 'You know Rasta, deh no good!' It's our sweat that walk on every day. Our blood and sweat." Bob Marley -1976

"It's no great pleasure to sing about suffering because me no feel like people should really suffer and it is not a great thing to sing about suffering. But you have to sing about it cause it a go on." Bob Marley - February, 1978

"What we really need is the right to be right and the right to be wrong" Bob Marley - June, 1976

"Why people drink is they want feeling I get when I smoke herb. Everybody need to get high but some people getting high with the wrong things. When you smoke herb it reveals you to yourself. All the wickedness you do is revealed by the herb - it's you conscience and gives you an honest picture of yourself." Bob Marley - June, 1976 & September, 1980

"Overcome the devils with a thing named Love." Bob Marley - June, 1975

"You find that most people, when they get money, they get withdrawn and foolish. Money is not my richness. My richness is to live and walk on the earth barefoot." Bob Marley - October, 1975

"I Have a sister, ya know. My father was her father but she has a different mother. I knew about her since I was a youth, and alla time I search for her. Once time, when I was in my twenties, I find her. She was workin' in a dry cleaners in Kingston. I talked with her for just a few minutes and then we said goodbye, me thinking I was gonna see her again. But when I go back a few days later she is gone. I never found her again. It was a painful thing, not to know her." Bob Marley - August, 1978

"If God had'na given me a song to sing, I wouldn't have a song to sing. The song comes from God, all the time." Bob Marley - June, 1976

"I don't see how you can leave your roots. As long as you write a song and play it, it must be roots.." Bob Marley - June, 1976.

"God never made no difference between black, white, blue, pink or green. People is people, y'know. That is the message we try to spread." Bob Marley - June, 1976.

"Plenty people have the wrong idea about this locks thing. Like I read in a magazine: 'Marley came onstage with his waxed locks'. Now that is very much a lie because I could never sit down and put wax in my hair, my wool, to keep it together. It would be clammy and stink man. Them blind man! This come natural." Bob Marley - June, 1975

"I've been here before and will come again, but I'm not going this trip through." Bob Marley - 1979

"We need positive vibrations. 'Cause first thing you cannot be ignorant you have to be very intelligent. Want to cut the negative thing out entirely, negative, outside. Have to be positive. It's what your mouth say, kill you. And the greatest thing is life." Bob Marley - June 1975

" Music is the biggest gun, because it save. It nuh kill, right? The other gun lick off ya head!" Bob Marley - June 1978

"When the time comes, people will seek the truth in all things. They get it when they are ready to hear it." Bob Marley - August 1978

"A certain word can hold you out from the truth a long while; like people can use the word Babylon and have no understanding of what Babylon is. So he becomes an idiot, he becomes more chained 'cause a thing is right or wrong. If you're right you're right, if you're wrong you're wrong." Bob Marley - July 1975

"What is there to benefit from badness? I wondered, looked at it and thought bwais, bloodclaat, if I thump this man here, I feel the contact too. And then I said it's the same God that lives in my hand and that means it's not him I thump, it's God I'm really thumping." Bob Marley - July 1979

"It's not music right now, we're dealing with a message. Right now the music not important, we're dealing with a message. 'Rastaman Vibration' is more like a dub kinda album and it's come without tampering y'know. Like 'War' or 'Rat Race', the music don't take you away, it's more to listen to. Rastaman Vibration's gonna cover the earth! Like the water cover the sea!" Bob Marley - June, 1976

"We call ourselves de Wailers because we started out cryin'" Bob Marley - 1972

"Me love farming. Me wanna live 'pon a farm later. Me no really wanna live in a flat and go to a club every night and come back, and then do it again" Bob Marley - April 1977

"Don't look on people as something else, look on people just as people. God's creations. I don't check the paper or check the book, I just go on feelings." Bob Marley - June, 1976

"My music will go on forever. Maybe it's a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever." Bob Marley - June, 1975

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