The Wailing Glossary is a database of all Wailers recordings, listing each song in alphabetical order, with information on artists, composers and producers.

To use the database, select a letter from the link boxes at the top of the page, and you will be taken to listings for song titles that begin with that letter. The song title is followed by several information fields, each of which is explained below:

Recorded: This field actually serves as a Recorded and Released entry, unless the recording date differs from the recording date, in which case this entry will be followed by:

Released: This field only appears if the song was released at a different time from it's recording. It's obvious that many songs were recorded the year before their actual release, but as it would be almost impossible to trace exact dates of many cuts, the release date is accepted as the recording date unless otherwise known.

Artist: This entry has the following rule: tracks recorded by the original Wailers triumvirate of Bob , Peter & Bunny are credited to The Wailers. Following the breakup of this trio, each artist is credit solo, with Bob's entries credited to Bob Marley & The Wailers.

Currently the Glossary only covers tracks by The Wailers, Bob, Peter, Bunny and some Familyman recordings. At present there are no entries for the I-Three's, Rita, Marcia or Judy, although it is hoped these can be added in the future.

There are a few exceptions, such as Judy Mowatt and Johnny Nash entries for You Poured Sugar On Me, which was co-written by Bob, but not released by him. Similar exceptions to the rule will appear if we feel approproiate.

Lead Vocal: This is most useful for '60s Wailers recordings, so you can easily identify who sings lead on each track. It would be nice if we can add a Harmony: entry in the future to list back up singers.

Composer: We have not copied directly from record labels, as many producers have wrongly taken song writing credits on many tracks which they had no creative involvement with. We have used our own judgement here, but hope this is as accurate as possible.

Producer: Lists the producer of the track, taken from the most reliable releases.

Availability: Here we list the best, most convenient place to locate the recording. Obviously this is not a full list of where the track can be found, but recommended releases, based upon ease of availability and legality of release.

The Wailing Glossary is based on Andy Clayden's Wailers A-Z, which offers reviews of many of the tracks, and should be used to cross reference each track. The Wailers A-Z can be found at: www.hilltop61.freeeserve.co.uk/bob.html

This listing still needs some fine tuning, and if you have any suggestions, corrections or omissions to offer please contact us.

Contact: jahlight@wailers.co.uk